Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How To Build a Banjo

1. Plant a tree. I prefer black walnut.

2. When the tree has grown to just the right height and circumference (approximately 80 years), it is time to begin.

3. Look at the tree. Try to visualize the banjo within the tree.

4. With a chisel, remove the parts of the tree that are not a part of the banjo. For your safety, you may consider laying the tree on it's side before carving.

And that's all there is to building your very own banjo. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Sounds easy to me. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm 114-years-old to begin.


Randy said...

Yep, there's nothing to it.


Doug Berch said...

Great pictures and a good laugh too! I always say the tree does most of the work!

All the best,


Randy said...

"The tree does most of the work."

Doug, you always have a unique way of looking at things, it's what makes your blog so interesting. Thank you for the nice comment.


Mutuelle sante said...

Thanks it was a good help, now to build a banjo is simple and easy by using your tips. Thanks