Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to Finish the Pot

Now it's time to finish the pot.

Above is a photograph of the centering jig that I created to find the location of the hole for the dowel rod and the hole for the tailpiece.

By using this jig, I can be assured that the tailpiece will be aligned exactly opposite from the neck.

Here's a photograph of my jig to cut the hole that accepts the dowel. The walls of the jig stop my rotozip, assuring a uniform square each time.

First I clamp the jig to the pot...

Then run the rotozip against the walls.

Here's the unfinished pot with the hole drilled for the dowel rod.

I use a Dremel tool with a binding jig to rout the groove for the tonering. I make several passes, increasing the depth with each pass. This assures a tight fit for the tonering, creating the best possible sound.

Time to drill holes for the bracket hooks.

And the assembled pot.

Nic is still designing his inlay, so I am taking this time to break from banjo building and work on the shop. If you remember at the beginning of the blog, the woodworking shop was built by my grandfather in the 1940's and had been abandoned since the early 1980's, so It needed a lot of work to get it going again. Once I had it operational I started using it, but it needs a new roof and floor (and a few other things). So now that I have a little break while waiting on the inly design, I think I'll tackle the floor. I'll keep everyone posted.

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