Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who Knows Where All Of The Time Goes

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I began this blog.

Seems like just yesterday.

My muffin and I are going to the shop now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, while browsing your blog
I saw your comment about your Grand
-father's Union organizing. I too
was shaped by my Grandfather's strong Union beliefs and am now an
official of USW 351 (BFG) myself.
Those old guys paid the price for
the rest of us. Be proud. I also
think those "what are you reading..
etc" are fun. Mine.."The Blind Watchmaker",LosLobos,Politics!Terry

Anonymous said...

Muffin looks yummy. Great job on the fretless banjo, each instrument seems to be better than the last - I look foward to the next one. Ian,

Randy said...


Thanks for the comment. We have a lot in common.

I'm very proud of my Grandfather. He set a great example, and set a great model to follow.

Reading the news this morning, in our economic climate, reports of AIG, etc., is reminiscent of the robber barons of the past, at least in attitude. Those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past....

So...keep up the good fight. And thanks for the reading/listening/watching suggestion. I find that friends have much more reliable suggestions than the media.


Randy said...


Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the help brainstorming.