Saturday, August 30, 2008

Floors & Raccoons

The past few weeks I've been working on the shop.

Before I began using the shop, it had not been in use (other than by raccoons) for 25 years. In that time it had developed a few problems.

The floor of the shop was in pretty bad shape. The edges of the floor were rotten and the floor was sagging in areas, so I needed to lay new floors. I also wanted to get a little more organized.

By the way, the raccoons were living in the shop, they were not using the shop to build furniture.

The support beams were rotten underneath the floor. I ripped up the floor to access the beams...

...and replaced them.

photo of old and new support beams.

Started laying the floor.

New floor finished.

I wanted the shop to function better...

...and become a more workable space.

The inside of my grandfather's tool cabinet was reworked for my tools.

Everything now has a place. Now, when I walk into the shop, the first thing I do is open the tool cabinet and I know where everything is. It's amazing how mush time is saved by being organized.

I'm not through yet, I have lots more work to do on the shop, but it has taken a lot of time away from building (although it was time well spent). So, I'll stop here for now.

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Anonymous said...

Randy Joe,
The shop looks amazing! Great job! Keep up the good work.
~ Jude